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Chaos Pattern is an online multiplayer cooperative action/strategy hybrid game where each player assumes the role of a Guardian who is schooled in the rescue, training, and care of a wide variety of companions that they affectionately call Monsters. Together the Guardian and their Monster work to free their world of a mysterious menace secretly tracking most aspects of their lives.

Chaos Pattern is powered by Unreal Engine 5 and is a blend of detailed 3D pixel art and modern rendering techniques, along with lots of things to blow up with dynamic destruction.

​The core of the game is fast-paced action as you control your Guardian, traversing the levels with your Monster and facing off against the Synthel.

You can also quickly lay down commands for your Monster to unleash their most potent abilities onto the battlefield. 

When a player freezes time, control changes to a roaming camera that you can use to inspect the battlefield. Hovering over discovered enemies can give you more information about them, including their field of view, how they’re powered, and any movement plans they’ve made so far. Use this information to help craft your plans. For example, knocking out a power source may disable an enemy, but it can also render doors or respawn locations inoperable.

Sometimes even the most carefully laid plans can go awry when the action starts flowing! Fortunately the Guardians have the ability to quickly replace their plans with a simple click on a location to move to, attack, or interact with.

As with many of our favorite games, they’re always more fun with friends! Increase the number of abilities your team has access to by playing with others, and combine those powers to create new and powerful combos. Sometimes throwing up a shield in the right spot can allow you to setup a strong attack from an otherwise untenable position!

Chaos Pattern uses a retro 3D art style rendered with the modern techniques available in Unreal Engine 5.

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