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Let’s talk about the core enemies currently in Chaos Pattern. There will be lots more in the final release, but these constitute the current lineup.

Please note these may not be the final designs... or names, no matter how funny we find them now.


SAFETY brand turrets are immobile defenses that are typically stationed around key defense points in a given level.

The small turret is armed with a standard issue SAFETY Bot Turret Pistol, and is the first line of defense against those who would disturb the flow of the Synthel. These should be pretty easy to handle for our heroes in small quantities.

The large turret comes in two variants, one with a Blaster, and another with a Rocket Launcher. These will likely require a more strategic approach to avoid a party wipe-out.

Mobile Containment Bots

The standard mobile bot is armed with a SAFETY Bot Pistol and is typically the first aggressor sent against intruders.

The medium bot is more heavily armored and carries a powerful SAFETY Rifle.

These bots also carry small repair kits, and will strategically retreat to fix themselves if given the opportunity. Don’t let them!

Aerial Drones

Scout drones observe the battlefield and increase the sensing range of the enemy. Take them down before they alert others to your presence.

Attack drones can also provide observation but will typically attack on sight. If you’re not using a Guardian or Monster with ranged attacks, you’ll need to find their power source and eliminate it.

Finally the Enemy Transport drones will drop reinforcements over the battlefield. All but the most advanced transports rely on communications towers to coordinate their drops, and would be useless without them.

Spherical Threat Occlusion Proto-bots

  • AKA Bouncers

  • AKA Ball-Bots

These sappers will mindlessly roll themselves toward their selected target, and when they make contact they activate, and start a powerful self-destruct sequence. Destroy them before they destroy you!

Our heroes aren’t defenseless against them. Ari and XJ97 can hit them from a distance with their energy rifles, while Brock and Chuck can keep them at bay, blocking them with their energy shields until they’re ready to strike!

Capture/Obliteration Pod

The enemy captures life-forms and assimilates their unique attributes into their database of building materials using this structure, making it a key component of their labyrinthine empire.

When an ally isn’t recovered fast enough when they’re knocked down, they will be captured and slated for obliteration and consumption inside of these massively fortified containment units. Luckily, the good guys have hacked the secret codes to release the prisoner -- get them out before it’s too late.

Universal Fabrication Obelisks

  • AKA Enemy Spawn Locations

Not dangerous on their own, these spawning devices keep the area filled with fresh bots, unless they are forcibly decommissioned. The latest fabrication models can weave a new bot in mere seconds, given the proper supply of Synthel power.

A Sneak Peek at Upcoming Enemies

Here's a look at some upcoming enemies that haven't made their way into the game just yet!

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