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Release Planning

The big focus lately has been figuring out how we’re going to market Chaos Pattern, and setting up our funding structure for the years to come.

We have our Kickstarter campaign mapped out with what I think are some pretty cool rewards and stretch goals. Unfortunately those aren't visible until we go live, but we may discuss those in future posts. We’ve put the campaign on temporary hold while talking to publishers and investors to see which path forward makes the most sense.

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We’ve also created a Discord server, where we’ll post updates about Chaos Pattern and other interesting studio news. It’s also a place where users can chat about the game and make suggestions for the game. It’s open to the public, so feel free to join:

Join the Veridian Forge Discord Server!

Publisher Demo

We created a brief private demo for publishers and investors last week! We’re hoping to get some good feedback on it.

Upcoming Posts

We're a *bit* behind on our blog, so starting tomorrow I’ll be doing a series of posts about work we did to get the game ready to be shown in the demo level.

To give a little preview, the topics include:

  • New Enemies

  • Audible Improvements

  • Monster Behavior

  • XP and Leveling foundations

  • Better Power Tracing

  • Objectives System

  • Side-of-Screen Indicators

  • Tutorial Content

  • Unreal Engine 5.3 update

  • Platforms & Testing on the Steam Deck

  • Controls Overhaul

  • Lots of assets!

Stay tuned!

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