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Concepts, Characters, and COVID, OH MY!

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long since our last Blog. It’s been super busy and COVID 19 finally made it’s way through our home. That really slowed me down.

We have been doing a lot of things creatively. We had a wonderful artist, Mike Uziel ( create some concept art for our first four Guardians and Monsters. We're getting a few of them put into production to work through the translation from concept art to our low poly pixel art style. It’s a WIP but a good start I think and a step towards our first playable “release.”

Here are a couple of those concepts and how they are currently looking during the development process. Introducing XJ97 and Ari Sparks. Please note the names are not final because… legal, legal, legal… and I might change my mind.


Heavy WIP, no material work done on XJ97 yet.


First Pass on Ari. She does not even have animations yet!

Speaking of our first playable, we have laid out our tutorial missions and the following 5 levels that lead to the end of the “Prologue.” More to come on that. It’s exciting to see the game flow start to come together and begin to build the experience we are working towards.

We also hired our first artist! It’s only a short term contract for now. His name is Damien Senechal and he is an artist based in Montpellier France. He is helping us fill out the world specifically focusing on content for that first playable mentioned above. Below is the test he did for us. I think it came out great! We are really excited for the work he is doing for the project.

Right now we are deeply focused on building out all the gameplay pieces needed to create the experience we have laid out. I’ll go over that more in depth in the future, but I think we have a really cool foundation for compelling strategic gameplay. A foundation we hope is deep with player choice and immediate consequences in the world and the challenges in front of them.

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of their springs or summers. It’s 77 here today, but expect it to snow any minute.

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