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Mega News!!!

Veridian Forge is pleased to announce we’ve received an Epic MegaGrant to help release their upcoming game Project Anvil (this is our working title, we’ll announce the final name soon)!

Project Anvil is a multiplayer cooperative Simultaneous Turn Strategy game, with a splash of action oriented dungeon crawler thrown in for good measure. Our game will use the powerful feature set of the Unreal Engine for a unique visual style that combines pixel art textures with modern surface materials, animations, and lighting techniques. For a more detail look, see our previous blog post announcing the game.

The Epic MegaGrant is a $100 million fund setup in 2019 by Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite and Unreal Tournament. Epic Games has committed to providing financial grants to creative, noteworthy, and innovative projects built in and around Unreal Engine or projects that enhance the open source 3D graphics ecosystem.

We love working with Unreal Engine, so we plan on showing what a small team can do with the technology, and sharing our process and findings along the way! Subscribe to our blog to receive updates when we post something new.

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